Sports Champions Dev Working on New PS3 Exclusive

Seen as the PlayStation Move’s answer to Wii Sports, Sports Champions is arguably the best game on the controller, offering a fun experience, while teaching gamers how to use the device. Sports Champions developer Zindagi Games are now creating yet another PlayStation 3 exclusive, presumably for the Move.

The 2nd Party developer has posted a job listing over on Gamasutra looking for a Game/Level Designer and Creative Director for the PS3 platform only. While the game isn’t explicitly listed as a PlayStation Move title, it’s probably safe to assume it is, considering the developer’s experience with the controller. Not only did Zindagi develop Sports Champions, but they “collaborated directly with Sony on the Move tech since its inception all the way through R&D and production.”

Would you like to see a brand new IP for the Move, or perhaps Sports Champions 2? Share your thoughts below.