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Patapon 3 Web Game Launched

Patapon 3, which shipped to North American and European retailers this past week and will arrive in Japan later this month, now has its own special browser game, allowing gamers to unlock stickers, make custom wallpapers, and even get access to a secret item for use in the game.

True to the Patapon formula, the player must have a good sense of rhythm in order to succeed. Gameplay itself is really quite similar to the Patapon PSP games, actually. The web version is divided up into three segments, during which the player will accumulate stickers which can then be used to deck out wallpapers. A higher score leads to more stickers and hence, more customization options. After completing the demo of sorts and finishing the wallpaper’s design, players get an access code with which they can unlock a special item in Patapon 3. Check out the game’s official website, then click on your language of choice to play the game and see how you do.