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It’s Official, The PSP Go is Put to Rest

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced today that the rumored death of the PSP Go is official, canning the product after a short 2 year life cycle.  This shouldn’t be unexpected with Sony putting most of its eggs in the NGP basket and the fact that the Go has never sold well since its release in 2009.

Sony broke the news to Japanese website AV Watch that the Go would no longer be manufactured or shipped “in order to concentrate on the NGP”. What is in stores now will continue to be sold until stock runs out.

When asked about the PSP-3000 and if it would continue production, Sony told AV Watch that “It will continue to be sold, and we will keep focusing our attention on it from here on out.”

We see Sony treating the PSP-3000 much like the PS2, where they will continue to support it even after the launch of a newer product. Plus with the wealth of PSP titles in Japan especially, it makes no sense to kill off the PSP that is currently selling like crazy.

What do you think of this development and are you sad to see the PSP Go leaving us after such a short time?