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Schoolgirls With Bazookas To Invade Japanese PSPs This Summer

Kadokawa Shoten will be bringing the wackiness of Nichijou to the PlayStation Portable this July in Japan with Nichijou: Uchuujin. Whether you read the manga, watch the anime or neither of the above, you have to admit this screen is pretty rad.

The radness doesn’t end there, as there’s a whole mess of screenshots sent out with the initial announcement. Take a look:

The game has the player trying to run a 24-episode TV show centered on the cast and their high school. It’s apparently being filmed via secret cameras in space by a company called “Galaxy TV.” The players, as the producers, must decide how to best mess with or spice up the lives of these kids to make some good TV. Ratings can be seen going up and down based on how awesome the show is or how bad the player is failing. There appear to be multiple endings based on decisions made during the course of the documentary.

Nichijou‘s manga saga is still ongoing, having been launched in 2006. Just this year, it also became an anime series. The PSP title will hit Japan on July 28 and probably not escape the country, as no outside publisher has been willing to pick up the anime or the manga yet.