First No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition Trailer Hits the Internet Hard

Publisher Marvelous Interactive Entertainment and developer Fellplus have now delivered the first and only No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition trailer available. This updated version of No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is set to donkey punch Japanese PlayStation 3’s on July 21 of this year, with a Western release expected but not confirmed.

Here’s the somewhat foul-mouthed trailer (you’ve been warned):


No More Heroes saw its initial Japanese release for the Nintendo Wii in 2007, with subsequent 2008 releases following in North America, Europe, and even Australia, where Konami is handling the publishing. It was given an enhanced port for PS3 and Xbox 360 called No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, which arrived in Japan last year, and will make it to other territories in the second half of 2011. Some gamers are confused, citing August release dates that they’ve seen at retailers, but those are not official; they’re merely placeholders based on speculation.

What is certain is that Red Zone Edition offers content upgrades from the original No More Heroes, some of which are already being packed into the foreign release of the game, and some which we aren’t sure about. For example, the versions outside Japan will already include support for PlayStation Move, whereas this edition will be the first Japanese version to include such a compatibility. Konami has not officially said, however, whether or not this game will include the 10 extra missions this version has, which were cut from the Wii version.