PlayStation Rewards Beta Shirts Starting to Arrive

PlayStation Rewards was definitely an exciting idea when it was first announced. Although it was decided to be discontinued, participants still get one last prize.

PlayStation Rewards was scheduled to grow out of Beta and into full force in April of this year. When April arrived, it came out of beta alright, but straight into closing. With one last final hoorah, Sony said that participants in the Beta would get a shirt mailed to them for their participation. Just over a month later, they are starting to arrive. Twitter user @homeboy79 just got his, and was nice enough to show his rewards off.

Nifty stuff. This particular shirt is XL, so it seems that Sony decided to send out bigger shirts that can be worn sleeping than ones that are too small. Look in your mail soon, and you may just be getting your rewards too! Hopefully PS Rewards will come back in future, but until then this will have to do.