inFamous 2 Will be Receiving an Electric Demo Soon

Developer Sucker Punch will be releasing a demo for the upcoming inFamous 2 before its retail release next month, on top of the already released beta.

Speaking with Dutch website PSFocus, Sucker Punch developer Kenneth Schramm confirmed that a demo will be arriving in the ‘next few weeks’:

Yeah, we’ve got a sample for you, it’s coming out within a few weeks. So yes, a demo is definitely planned.

Currently the inFamous 2 user-generated content beta is still in effect but is not accessible now with the PlayStation Network still MIA. Sucker Punch have gone on record stating that the beta will be extended after services are restored to the network, which should be happening later this week.

inFamous 2 is scheduled for release on June 7th, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.