Anonymous Could Face Severe Backlash From PSN Users

Anonymous has been a thorn in Sony’s side for about a month now. In Sony‘s recent response to the U.S. House of Representatives (specifically, to a letter recently addressed to them), it was revealed that Sony discovered on their Sony Online Entertainment servers a file named “Anonymous” that contained the text “We are Legion” inside. This is a part of the activist group’s slogan, which does not bode well for them.

Of course, part of the issue is proving that the individual(s) are actually associated with the Anonymous group. Anonymous, or at least someone representing the group, did claim innocence to the latest, far more serious breach of security. Speaking to Gawker, known Anonymous associate Greg Housh stated that when the group attacked the PlayStation Network earlier in April, “All the Sony kids were flooding [their chat servers] and whining and complaining.” This type of attack, as Mr. Housh put it, “pisses off a lot of people [we] want as fans not enemies.” With the latest info from Sony, it may not matter whether or not Anonymous was aware of the recent breach – the damage to Anonymous’ reputation amongst the PlayStation 3 gaming audience has already been tarnished, perhaps permanently.

Some may argue that this is something the group brought upon themselves, since during the time Sony had to deal with the headache of a DDoS attack, a more serious, criminal break-in took place, with the perpetrators leaving a trail for others to place the blame on a group that has already shown hostility towards Sony. Though the attack deals with stealing personal information (and potentially credit card numbers), which is not Anonymous’ M.O., many gamers may not care. So who is to blame here? Stay with PlayStation LifeStyle for more on this developing story.