Dinky Duke Leaves a Path of Destruction in New Trailer

May 5, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Another trailer for Duke Nukem Forever has cruised our way, this time showing us how no matter what you do to the Duke, his ego will always be bigger than anything else in sight (as if there was ever any doubt).

As the days between now and the hopefully inevitable release of Duke Nukem Forever slowly get whittled down, Gearbox wants to make sure we don’t forget about the little guy. Did I say little guy? Well, that might not be how you think of the tough talking alien killer, but perhaps this new trailer will change your mind. Size really doesn’t matter, if you know how to use your tools.

You just have to love hearing that attitude come out in a chipmunk sounding voice. No doubt that this is merely a preview of one of the many fun and unusual scenes we’re sure to encounter as we blast pig faced aliens into hunks of goo scattered around us. Sure, they may be ten times our size and trying to squish us, but before they do, they’d be wise to remember: Duke has balls of steel (don’t forget to pre-order yours!). You can’t crush those. There’s just a couple of weeks left until we get to go full throttle through this hilarious looking adventure and, after 13 years, we’re not only hoping it’s good, but that it’s huge too. “Size only matters when you’re full grown,” and in game development time, Duke is well past that prime. Let’s hope he sizes up appropriately on June 10th when he storms stores everywhere, except in North America where he’ll kick doors in on June 14th. Are you ready to experience a little shrinkage?