Leaked Mortal Kombat DLC Increases Fight Roster

May 6, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

It’s been no secret that the new Mortal Kombat game would eventually receive DLC to keep players interested, but until now we could only guess at what most of that would include.

Sure, we already knew that Skarlett and Kenshi were on the upcoming DLC queue well before the game even released, but Ed Boon made it very apparent there would be plenty of other DLC characters as well. Until now we’ve really had no good hints on who it could be, or if there were any plans for content other than bonus characters. Now thanks to a couple new videos that have surfaced on youtube we can see a couple more characters that seem likely to join the ranks.

The first video shows us a previously unheard of fighter, called “DLC Basemale”. Clearly this is a placeholder character, but the important bit is when he’s selected from the roster menu, where the announcer very clearly says “Fujin”.  For those who don’t know, Fujin is the Shinto god of wind, and within the Mortal Kombat universe he adheres closely to this trait. Fujin made his first appearance in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, and then later in Mortal Kombat 4. Thus it makes sense for him to be a DLC character, since he was never originally involved in the events of Mortal Kombat 1-3.


The next reveal has a little less effect on the roster, and is purely aesthetic. It appears that both Cyrax and Sektor will be donning their old costumes from Mortal Kombat 3, and the following video shows them duking it out a bit in their classic duds.


While technically these leaks should probably stay in the rumor bin for the moment, those videos are pretty convincing. We’ve also heard that hackers toying with the data on the disc have already managed to unlock Kenshi and Skarlett, although without complete move sets. We expect that information to be filled in upon purchasing the yet to be released DLC. It’s also been said that bosses Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn are on the disc as well with full move sets, including fatalities, which seems to indicate they may be unlockable as well at some point. Whether that would be done through a cleverly hidden method in game, or if they need to be purchased eventually, is yet to be seen, but it seems unlikely they’d put that there for nothing. Whatever the outcome, it’s clear we have some new fighters coming our way, and when we have solid confirmation PlayStation LifeStyle will let you know.