Modern Warfare 3 Openly Teased By Official PlayStation Magazine

The biggest gaming franchise this generation, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2 have sold countless millions, and are primarily responsible for Black Ops becoming the biggest entertainment launch in history. Two years after the release of MW2, Activision are finally ready to announce the third instalment in the smash-hit series, after blatantly teasing it in OPM.

In the Official PlayStation Magazine, the publication has hinted at the cover feature with a huge “3” in the style of the Modern Warfare series numbers. Additionally, below it says “The biggest game in the world returns”. While it does not openly say “Modern Warfare 3 to be in next month’s issue”, there is little room for doubt over what the title could be.

It is rather interesting that the reveal will only be in the issue of OPM due to Activision’s known ties with Microsoft, and the fact that they signed a timed exclusive DLC deal with the platform holder. With Call of Duty confirmed to be in development for the NGP, could we see MW3 also come to that platform?

MW3 is thought to be in development by what is left of Infinity Ward as well as the newly formed Sledgehammer Games.

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Thanks ScottC!