Merchants Opening Up Shop in Light of PSN Catastrophe

The PSN security breach that resulted in the network’s ongoing downtime is a horrible situation for not just Sony, economically and publicly, but for consumers, developers, and financial institutions (credit card companies, banks, etc.) as well. A foreseeable trend for any event, especially for unfortunate events such as these, is that there are always those that capitalize on the situation.

Geek Prints, a UK based outlet for gaming apparel on Ebay, has crafted two t-shirts in honor of the PSN downtime. Shown below, the vendor has satirized the Free Realms and DC Universe Online developer into “Sony Offline Entertainment” while taking jabs at the uncertainty of the PSN external intrusion with the “I hacked PSN” t-shirt, akin to the popular “I had an affair with Tiger Woods” women’s shirt from last year.

At the time of writing, only one shirt out of both designs have been sold but, if you’re interested, you can pick up your very own here and here for £9.99 each or $16.41 plus shipping and handling. While the situation is not humorous by any means considering the potential damage it may cause for consumers’ identities and financial credentials, some people may find these shirts funny.