Capcom Pleased with Sony’s Open Communication Following Dramatic PSN Outage

May 10, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Sony has been put between a rock and a hard place since the PSN outage three weeks ago. Security has been of their utmost concern, but the passing of time has brought along another major obstacle: customer patience. Although the process may be taking longer than originally hoped, they’ve done an effective job of sharing information as it becomes available. So much, in fact, that even in the eye of major revenue loss, Capcom sees the effort.

Capcom’s vice president of business development, Christian Svensson, has been happy with how Sony has responded to what many consider to be a crisis, primarily with the open level of communication given over the past couple weeks. Christian stated:

Sony has been clear with its publishing partners on its activities and its desires to secure its platform. It’s been as transparent as it probably can be with us…

Nothing is worse than being in the dark, and if Sony was still as quiet as the days following the original outage, this would be a completely different ball game. Do you agree with Capcom and believe Sony has satisfied with open communication? Share your side of the story in the comments below.