Dylan Cuthbert to Sony: Help PSN Developers or Lose Them

Not a lot has gone right for Sony with all the PSN downtime, lawsuits, and upset gamers. However they are not the only ones being affected by this outage as PlayStation Network developers are losing money everyday the store is down, with Capcom saying it could cost millions. According to Dylan Cuthbert, founder of Q-Games, they risk losing developers if they fail to compensate them for this downtime.

Speaking with IndustryGamers, the man behind the PixelJunk series had this to say:

I have no idea yet what Sony are going to do to help developers such as ourselves but I have a feeling they are thinking about doing something or they will lose developers which of course is pretty bad for them

Cuthbert also stated he expects to hear from Sony very soon:

At the moment I think they are running around patching holes etc., and in a week or two they’ll have something more concrete to say.

With the outage sure to last at least a few more days and Sony already digging deep into their pockets, we have to wonder just what kind of compensation Sony would give to developers. Give us your ideas below, do you think they should do anything?