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Insert Disc: What Games Have You Been Playing With PSN Down?

May 11, 2011Written by Anthony Severino

The PlayStation Network has been down for three weeks. Three weeks dammit! And while I can fondly remember a time when there wasn’t any PlayStation Network, now that I’ve had it all this time with it, I can’t live without it. But still, I must… push… forward.

….forward, forward, down, back + X… Fatality!  …Oops. Sorry ’bout that. I get carried away sometimes.

Hopefully you picked up on what my current obsession is. Mortal Kombat. Even though a large portion of the game is inaccessible without the PlayStation Network, there are hours upon hours of classic single-player fighting. I’m about 40 hours and 300 challenges in, with countless more hours spent on local multiplayer and single-player ladder.

It’s helping me keep my sanity in a world where there’s no friends list, trophy syncing, or PlayStation Store updates. Sure, maybe Brink isn’t the best choice at the moment, but there are still plenty of single-player or offline multiplayer games that can keep you busy while Sony’s security sleuths do their thing and make the PlayStation Network secure.

Word to the wise: Beware of that Sev guy who random selects his kombatants when Mortal Kombat goes back online. I’ll have had lots of practice by then.

How about you? What games are you playing to pass the time? And has this outage taught you anything about relying too heavily on multiplayer-focused games or helped you reconnect with single-player and local multi’?

‘Insert Disc’ is a new community-focused feature where the PlayStation LifeStyle staff will talk in brief about what disc is currently spinning in their PS3. We encourage users to share their own current obsessions, addictions, habits, and fixes in the comments. What disc do you have inserted?