Rumored Modern Warfare 3 Details Emerge

May 13, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Developer Infinity Ward is aiming for another smash hit in its popular Call of Duty franchise, with Modern Warfare 3 rumored to arrive on Nov. 8 of this year with the help of Sledgehammer Games.

According to Kotaku, the company is reportedly attempting to weave a climactic ending to the Modern Warfare story family, tying up most loose ends in the process. Get ready to go on a world tour of sorts, as the game’s large-scale battles will take place in some of Earth’s most famous cities, including London, England; New York City, United States; Dubai, UAE; and Paris, France. The story will pick up literally moments after the end of Modern Warfare 2 and feature confused and surprised US operatives attempting to hold off the Russians in an invasion of New York City. It might eventually move to somewhere in Russia during its 15 missions. The game is said to conclude in Dubai. “Sources” claim that players will take on the roles of “a Russian Federal Protective Services agent, SAS Operative, tank gunner, and AC-130 gunner,” in addition to more noteworthy ones of important characters from past installments in the series.

Players will meet new characters “Frost” and “Sandman” of Delta Force in the campaign mode of this title, as well as find out exactly what happened to the main characters of other Modern Warfare games. Get ready to once again get have a lot of focus on multiplayer and get your hands (and guns) dirty in Spec Ops modes such as Survival Mode and Mission Mode. We’ll bring more as it is revealed.