Square Enix Confirms Eidos Montreal Sites Hacked, 25,000 Email Addresses Stolen

Square Enix has issued a statement confirming that hackers have launched an attack and gained access to their Eidos Montreal website as well as two other as of yet unnamed product sites. All three affected sites were reportedly taken offline by Square Enix when the breach in security was uncovered, however not before the hackers made off with at least some personal information.

As many as 25,000 e-mail addresses appear to have been stolen by the hackers and up to 350 resumes may also have been accessed. The resumes are those of interested applicants who have applied to Eidos Montreal with aspirations of joining the studio. The e-mail addresses are those supplied when registering to receive product information updates. The statement claims that Square Enix is in the process of writing to each of the affected job applicants but makes no mention of contacting the possibly 25,000 stolen e-mail addresses nor does it mention how to find out if yours was an affected address (we recommend being vigilant of any suspicious emails that claim to be from Square Enix). The statement also clearly states that eidosmontreal.com does not house any credit card information or code data.

Square Enix officially absorbed Eidos Interactive on April 22, 2009 and Eidos Montreal is currently working on the high profile Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Eidosmontreal.com is already back online with the claim of increased security.


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