PSN isn’t the Only Sony Service Requiring A Password Change

May 15, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

Unless you have been living under a rock, or just don’t use online features regularly, the PSN being down the past month has likely affected you. Gamers around the world have been waiting in anticipation ever since the network was taken down on April 21st. As things were updated via the blog, we came to find out upon the first login, once services were restored, that we would be required to change our PSN password. Now we’ve learned that Sony Online Entertainment is requiring this from their services as well.

The PSN was not the only thing affected by the criminal attacks in April, as SOE completely shut down their servers due to being “hacked” as well. As of right now SOE is bringing their services back online, but not their game servers, those will slowly be restored just as the PlayStation Network was. Upon returning, just as with the PSN, SOE users will find that they must change their passwords to their accounts. While this might seem like an obstacle, Sony is simply doing everything in their power to make sure the information compromised causes the least damage possible.

It is great to see things finally returning to normal for all of Sony’s services. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for more updates on the Sony Online Entertainment services.