New Dragon’s Dogma Screenshots Are Scorching Hot

May 18, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

Do you like dragons? How about third-person action in a medieval, fantasy setting? If you do, Dragon’s Dogma may appeal to you. If you are still skeptical, check out the action-packed screenshots after the jump.

If you have seen the reveal trailer for Dragon’s Dogma, then these screens will look very familiar. Dragon’s Dogma is the latest game being developed by Capcom. Working on the game is producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who worked on Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 4, and director Hideaki Itsuno, who also directed Devil May Cry 3 & 4. Dragon’s Dogma will be using the same graphics engine as Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2, but the size of the world will be much larger. The game is open world and there will be an emphasis on exploration and combat. The game is expected to release next year. PlayStation LifeStyle will keep you updated with all future trailers and screenshots.