SCEE Identity Theft Program Detailed

May 18, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

A lot of gamers felt their confidence in Sony wane after the recent breach of the PSN. Sony has stated several times over the past week that they would like to offer identity theft protection plans for anyone who wants it. Today, Sony announced its plans to provide protection for the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Sony has elicited the help of Affinion International Limited, a company that has been detecting security breaches of credit card companies for years. Affinion International Limited will let you know if your credit card number, PIN, social security number, or other sensitive information is being used by someone on the internet. Cardcops, a division of the Affinion Group, has made a name for itself by monitoring chat rooms for their clients’ information. Below is a list of features that Affinion International Limited is willing to offer PSN users:

Personal Information protection

  • Monitoring and Alerting Service
  • Personal Information Protection Software

Help / Assistance and guidance

  • Dedicated helpline
  • Victim of Fraud support

Financial Protection

  • Insurance that covers the expenses incurred in identity restoration following identity fraud
  • Card Monitoring and Alerting Service

Affinion International Limited is also going to provide the first 12 months of service free to all members. No details have been provided for how much this service is going to cost after the first 12 months. In the past, Affinion International Limited has offered protection for consumers for about 80 Pounds a year. For more information on the conditions of the program you can visit the links below.

UK –

France –

Italy –

Germany –

Spain –