Xperia Play Available for Purchase Off-Contract in the US, for A Steeper Price

Are you pining for the newly-launched Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson‘s first ever PlayStation Certified Android-powered smartphone? Are you currently ineligible for an upgrade with your current phone contract, or do you just not like the idea of being tied to one in the first place? Well, Verizon Wireless has an off-contract option for you, but as expected this comes with a heftier price tag.

Verizon officially started selling the smartphone as promised, at the stroke of midnight today as a matter of fact. The $199.99 pricetag mentioned previously only applied to new 2-year service agreements, and an off-contract (or “Month-to-Month” plan as the carrier calls it) price was not given. When the pre-order site went live, the off-contract price for the US market was revealed, and it is $449.99, or $450 for short. After taxes that price will rise closer to $500. Considering the phone can currently be imported for anywhere between $680 and ~$760 elsewhere, this is the cheapest route to go without a contract. So, if you’re buying the phone, will you sell your soul to Verizon for two years or pony up $700-$800 to remain free?