Play Mortal Kombat Online Without a Kombat Pass While PSN Store Down

May 20, 2011Written by Mitchell Sellar

In light of the PlayStation Store’s downtime, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios have lifted the need for Mortal Kombat‘s online Kombat Pass until Sony brings the Store back online. Upon its return, a Kombat Pass will again be required and will be available for purchase from the store at a price of $9.99, or if you purchased the game new you may simply enter the unique code that came packaged with your copy of the game.

Players purchasing Mortal Kombat while the PSN was down for maintenance were of course unable to play the new blood-riddled brawler online. However when the network relaunched on May 14th their thirst for fatalities would not be quenched as the game requires an online ‘Kombat Pass’ in order to play online. Since redeeming this pass requires access to the PlayStation Store – which is still down – players would have to settle for a 48 hour trial at best if they had not activated the pass prior to the network shutting down.

The Store is currently thought to return next Tuesday.