Aerial Races & Dogfights Soar in SkyDrift

May 21, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

A new downloadable title has been announced by Digital Reality, entitled SkyDrift, which brings airplanes, racing, and combat all together in one neat little package.

The new arcade flight game is one of Digital Reality’s first releases for the PSN, and so far it looks like a good start for the studio on the PSN platform. Featuring fast paced airplane racing, the game will pit players against each other in a variety of aesthetically pleasing locations, such as sun baked canyons and lush tropical islands. Eight different types of aircraft will be unlockable for piloting, each with 30 different skins to make sure you stand out as you cross the finish line. The action of the races will be intensified by use of various power ups, six in all, with offensive and defensive capabilities. All this can be experienced in several different single player modes, such as SpeedRace and Survival, or by hopping online and battling it out with up to eight players at once.

So far, the graphics look good for a digital download title, and it could make for a good MarioKart of the sky. However, these types of games can be made or broken by their controls, so it’s hard to tell at the moment just how fun it will be. No price or release date have been mentioned yet, but with the PSN Store coming back soon, and E3 right around the corner, it’d be surprising if we don’t find out more soon. Of course, you can find out right here at PlayStation LifeStyle when that happens. Will you be prepping for take off when SkyDrift lands on the PSN?