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Gangs of London Being Made Into a Feature Film

May 22, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

You’ve probably forgotten about the 2006 PSP release Gangs of London, which received a mixed critical reception but still managed to reach a Platinum sales status. Developed by Team SOHO, who are most well known for their Getaway series, it seems like an unlikely choice for a movie adaptation, but Kidulthood director Menhaj Huda has announced that he will be making a film based on the game.

Huda has optioned movie development rights with Pulse Films and Foton Films to turn the game into a feature length movie. The film aims to develop the game’s colourful characters “into a convoluted cat and mouse plot between the gangs culminating in an out and out action adventure.” Huda, who directed the surprise hit Kidulthood, said “Gangs of London was an iconic game which both Thomas and I were huge fans of – bringing it to the big screen is going to be a massively exciting task”

Thomas Benski, MD at Pulse and Executive Producer added:

We are very excited about securing such a great piece of IP in Gangs of London for development into a feature film. The popularity of the game means that there is already a strong fan base, and the content lends itself to a fantastic story on screen. The project continues Pulse’s move in the feature film world and Huda is the ideal directing partner for this venture.

More details are set to be announced later this year.