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Raptr Launches New Personalized Social News Platform

May 26, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Are you the kind of person who likes to track their gaming habits online while connecting with your peers and learning about the latest game news? If you raised your hand yes to any of those above then you will definitely want to read on. Gaming/Social website has just released a whole new slew of features intent on helping gamers track their favorite games much more easily. And we’ve partnered with Raptr to give you first access.

Right now if you head on over to Raptr you can sign up for an account and ‘follow’ the games, companies, and websites you are interested in, giving you access to an instant stream of news on your homepage related to exactly what you follow. If you select to follow SOCOM 4 or let’s say PlayStation LifeStyle, you will get every bit of news tagged with those two sent right onto your homepage. It’s that easy!

It does not stop there as you can vote up or down stories you find and leave comments, making this all feel like if Facebook and Reddit had a baby and wanted it to focus on gaming.

Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr is very excited about this new direction:

We’re excited by the launch of this new community-driven website because it builds upon the success of our existing service and provides a new way to discover and share content.

PlayStation LifeStyle got early access and we are very excited with the direction that this train is headed. In fact we have our very own Raptr page, so stop on by and check out the stories if you can’t make it to the main site.