Spec Ops Returns to Modern Warfare 3, Campaign Co-Op Unlikely

The Call of Duty series has attracted an almost insurmountable level of attention in the past few years, breaking sales records and nearly becoming a household name in the process. While the online multiplayer is the key focus of the series, and something that it thrives on, its local multiplayer offerings are quickly becoming an offering of equal fitting. Treyarch’s Nazi Zombie mode has driven tens of thousands of players to practice for hours-upon-hours with their friends, losing sleep along the way, while Infinity Ward started making strides in their last release with Spec Ops, a mode that was incredibly fun and teamwork-driven. But what about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

Sledgehammer Games general manager, Glen Schofield, shared what modes we can expect to be included with Modern Warfare 3 at a recent event in London. Glen stated:

Aside from the campaign we have Spec Ops, two-player co-op which we’re going to bring back to Modern Warfare 3 in a very big way, and of course multiplayer, which is just amazing in itself.

We’ve never seen a Modern Warfare title include campaign co-op, and it doesn’t appear that it’ll be added in this year’s annual release . Even if not, Spec Ops should do the trick, given there are plenty of levels as in Modern Warfare 2. Oh, and some huge intimidating juggernauts chasing us around a small European village wouldn’t hurt. Don’t get your hopes up for Nazi Zombies, though, because that’s Treyarch’s domain.