Obsidian Hiring for High-Profile RPG, Something This Generation Desperately Needs

The past few years have been sour for RPG fans as very few solid releases have made it to store shelves. Cough it up to new technology, lack of innovation, or maybe even just high consumer expectations, but the fact remains that there simply aren’t enough quality RPGs. This fact is even further enhanced when you look at how many memorable story-driven experiences came out in the past two generations. However, Obsidian Entertainment is trying to put a stop to this trend with their recent Fallout: New Vegas, and the soon to be released Dungeon Siege 3. But they’re planning more than just that.

According to Obsidian Entertainment’s website, they’re currently hiring another member for their art department. Better yet, it’s for an unannounced game. Here’s what the introduction of the listing says:

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a 2D character animator to work on a highly stylized, high profile role playing game.

It also says in regards to experience:

Has previously shipped titles on the PS3 or Xbox 360

The above quote makes it appear that the release will land on consoles, so Obsidian’s roots in PC-exclusive games is probably out of the question. Also, Dungeon Siege 3 is nearing completion, so it’s highly unlikely that they’re working on another addition to the series. Whatever it is, another RPG won’t hurt, and Obsidian has enough talent to ensure that it’s a fun experience.