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the outer worlds publisher

Obsidian Praises Publisher Private Division as a Great Partner for The Outer Worlds

Private Division is fully invested in The Outer Worlds.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Coming to PS4 in 2019

Cross your fingers it’s not deadfire on arrival.

the outer worlds gameplay

The Outer Worlds Won’t Have Microtransactions, Obsidian Confirms

Obsidian invested all of its points into Perception and Charisma, and we’re loving it.

the outer worlds gameplay

Get a Look at The Outer Worlds Dialogue Choices

It’s almost as if BioShock and Borderlands had a baby.

the outer worlds trailer

Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is a Lighthearted Space Romp with a Retro Look

Your choices will matter, naturally.

the outer worlds

Obisdian’s Newest Game, The Outer Worlds, Announced

From the original creators of Fallout.

microsoft obsidian

Fallout: New Vegas Developer, Obsidian, and inXile Entertainment Are Now Microsoft Studios

Both have PS4 games in development.

fallout new vegas 2

Obsidian Says a Fallout: New Vegas Sequel Is ‘Very Doubtful’

The crystal ball says…

Report: Microsoft Purchasing Fallout: New Vegas Developer Obsidian

The famed RPG developer may appear on PlayStation no more.

Alpha Protocol Remastered

Obsidian Entertainment Has Its Eyes on Alpha Protocol

Just polish it up, folks!

bethesda fallout games

Bethesda “Less Likely” to Have External Studios Develop Fallout Games

Because of BGS’ growth, another team developing Fallout is currently unlikely.

bethesda fallout announcement

Obsidian Seemingly Has Nothing to do With Bethesda Announcement

What could it be?

new obsidian game

Obsidian Says There’ll Be “No Microtransactions of Any Kind” in Upcoming Game

Fans were concerned about Obsidian partnering with Take-Two.

obsidian new game

Obsidian Possibly Teases New Game on Twitter

What could it be?

fallout new vegas console

Fallout: New Vegas Was Held Back by Being on Consoles

Things had to be simplified.

fallout new vegas

Obsidian CEO Chronicles Fallout: New Vegas Development in New Interview

New Vegas went through some changes.

alpha protocol

Obsidian Talks Alpha Protocol’s Development, “Disheartening” Reception, and Possibility of Sequel

Decision of a sequel rests with SEGA.

obsidian game of thrones

Obsidian Decided Against Making a Game of Thrones Video Game

Their reasoning is quite sound.

Pillars of Eternity PS4

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition Gets a Day One Update and a Launch Trailer

The sequel, Deadfire, isn’t planned for consoles at this time.