Fallout New Vegas Sequel

Rumor: Fallout New Vegas Sequel in “Very Early Talks”

The long-awaited sequel to Fallout: New Vegas could become a reality, though unfortunately not any time soon. Recent insider information indicates that a possible sequel to the open-world RPG is currently in “very early” talks at Microsoft, which now owns developer Obsidian Entertainment. While by no means a confirmation, folks at Microsoft seem keen on reviving the decade-old game.

When will Fallout: New Vegas 2 release?

It’s promising news, but by no means does it indicate anything concrete. The information comes from prominent industry insider Jeff Grubb, who revealed on his podcast that there is “interest and conversations happening” about a possible series revival. Grubb also clarified that any possible sequel would be “years and years away” as the game likely isn’t even in the pre-production stages. That being said, if Microsoft is truly showing interest in a Fallout: New Vegas sequel, getting fans excited about the prospect could be the very push that it needs to make it a reality.

Interestingly, it’s only been a few years since Obsidian Entertainment themselves shut down expectations of a sequel to the spin-off series back in 2018. The comment came just after reports revealed that Microsoft would acquire the developer, bringing it under the conglomerate’s ever-growing roster of game developers. Obsidian would later go on to release The Outer Worlds to critical and commercial success.

The same can’t be said about other, more recent Fallout releases. Bethesda Softworks (which Microsoft also now owns) even admitted that it had let fans down with Fallout 76, though stated that the experience had made them better developers in the long run. Meanwhile, Obsidian stated that it was disheartened to see The Outer Worlds compared to Fallout 76, and believed that Bethesda had the right to take the Fallout brand “in a different direction”. Now that they’re both under the same company, however, there’s a chance that the two companies could work together once more.

In other news, Square Enix has stated that the Babylon’s Fall Season 1 premium battle pass will be free for all players. Publisher Curve Digital has also revealed that The Ascent will release on PS4 and PS5 in March 2022.

[Source: Jeff Grubb via VGC]