Babylons Fall Season One

Babylon’s Fall Season 1 Offers Premium Battle Pass for Free to All Players

Babylon’s Fall Season One will begin even before the game is released on March 3. In fact, it releases alongside the game’s PS5 and PS4 demo tomorrow, February 25. The good news is one of the first things it will do is to offer the premium battle pass, known as The Eternal Ziggurat Battle Pass, for free to all players.

What will Season One include?

Babylon’s Fall Season One begins on February 25 when the Premium Battle Pass will be offered for free to all players instead of its usual price of 1000 Garaz. The pass will remain free throughout the entire season. On March 7, a new game mode “Duels” will be added. This is a mode where the game’s quests focus on “battles against powerful bosses”.

The game will get its first large-scale update on March 22. This will add the new Molzamite faction, the Labrys weapon type, the new Refine feature, new story content known as Resurgence, as well as new bosses, quests, weapons, armor, and cosmetic items. There will also be the new Gauntlet game mode that includes quests where players compete on special stages to achieve the highest score.

A limited time NieR Automata collaboration event will begin on March 29. This will include costumes, enemies, and a dungeon inspired by the game. Finally, April 26 will be when the Resurgence story gets more content. There will be a new Februus Festival limited time event, new bonus quests, weapons, armor, and cosmetic items too. Babylon’s Fall will launch on March 3 and Season One will draw to a close on May 31.

In other news, publisher Curve Digital has confirmed The Ascent will be released on PS5 and PS4 next month. The game will come with all of the updates and DLC released on PC and Xbox, including the New Game+ mode that released today. Elsewhere, game code suggests Cyberpunk 2077 may soon offer the option for players to transmogrify their outfits.