God of War Obsidian

God of War Rival Game Canceled By Obsidian

Obsidian Entertainment was once developing a rival game to God of War that was inspired by Journey to the Centre of the Earth, but it got canceled before it was announced. While reasons weren’t given for the game’s cancelation, it was just one of the projects revealed by the studio’s founder Feargus Urquhart that didn’t make it to retail or digital stores.

Obsidian also canceled a Rick and Morty game

Players would be surprised if they knew exactly how many games hit the cutting room floor before they were even announced. In an interview with NME, Urquhart named four such games that we never knew existed before today. As well as the Journey to the Centre of the Earth-inspired game that would have gone head to head with God of War, Obsidian canceled an RPG based on The Walking Dead that couldn’t find a publisher, a Rick and Morty game that fell victim to the Microsoft acquisition, and a game based on the Cops reality show that nobody outside of the studio seemed to understand.

Now that Obsidian is a Microsoft-owned studio, it remains to be seen whether any of their future games will ever end up on PS5 or PS4 again. Neither the recently-released Pentiment nor the upcoming The Outer Worlds 2 will be available outside of Xbox, but there are rumors of a sequel to Fallout New Vegas.