Microsoft Now in Charge of The Outer Worlds, Private Division/Take-Two Won’t Be Involved in Future Iterations

A day after Take-Two Interactive expressed its desire to be involved with The Outer Worlds‘ future iterations, Microsoft shot down its hopes by confirming that it’s taking over publishing duties as the owner of Obsidian Entertainment.

Interestingly, it doesn’t look like Take-Two was aware of this because comments made by president Karl Slatoff in a recent earnings call suggested that the company had plans to “participate in the franchise and whatever the future holds” for The Outer Worlds. “We’ll see what the future holds for it, but we do think it’s a long-term franchise and it is certainly something that we’re pleased with the results,” added Slatoff. “The downloadable content has been really very well received and we think the franchise is in outstanding shape at this point.”

A day later, original publisher Private Division – owned by Take-Two – reached out to Gamasutra to confirm that it will not be involved with the franchise going forward.

“Private Division is still supporting and marketing The Outer Worlds, including the upcoming release of Murder on Eridanos DLC on Nintendo Switch,” reads the statement provided to Gamasutra. “Moving forward, Obsidian and Microsoft will be publishing future iterations in the franchise, and we’re absolutely thrilled to see where they take it.”

Microsoft acquired Obsidian in 2018, but The Outer Worlds was already in development at the time and a multiplatform publishing deal with Private Division was already in place. With Microsoft now in charge, it’s unlikely that a future installment will land on any PlayStation platform.

[Source: Gamasutra]