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the outer worlds publisher

Obsidian Praises Publisher Private Division as a Great Partner for The Outer Worlds

Private Division is fully invested in The Outer Worlds.

ancestors the humankind odyssey gameplay

First Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Gameplay Shows the Birth of Humanity

The first of us.

the outer worlds gameplay

Get a Look at The Outer Worlds Dialogue Choices

It’s almost as if BioShock and Borderlands had a baby.

the outer worlds trailer

Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is a Lighthearted Space Romp with a Retro Look

Your choices will matter, naturally.

the outer worlds

Obisdian’s Newest Game, The Outer Worlds, Announced

From the original creators of Fallout.

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Review – It IS Rocket Science (PS4)

Ready to learn enough to work for NASA?

kerbal space program trophy list

Kerbal Space Program Trophy List Has Players Visiting Plenty of Planets

Will you go for the Platinum?

kerbal space program trophy list

Check out the Trailer for Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition, Releasing Next Week

Blast off next week!

new obsidian game

Obsidian Says There’ll Be “No Microtransactions of Any Kind” in Upcoming Game

Fans were concerned about Obsidian partnering with Take-Two.

kerbal space program trophy list

Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition Launching on PS4 This January

Reach for the Mun!

take two private division

Take-Two Interactive Announces New Publishing Label Private Division

Tons of games already planned.