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Take-Two Studio Reveals Unannounced ‘Science-Based Adventure Game’

Multiple job listings at Intercept Games, a Private Division and Take-Two studio known for the popular space flight simulator Kerbal Space Program, has revealed that it is working on a yet “unannounced stylized science-based adventure game.” This new title is in addition to Kerbal Space Program 2, which is slated to arrive in early 2023 on PC and then on consoles after (though it was previously suggested that this sequel would arrive on PS5 in 2022).

What the job listings say about this unannounced game

To be clear, there’s not much to go on, because the new job listings for Intercept Games for Senior Environment Artist, Producer, Software Engineer II, and more obscure the requirements they’re looking for between Kerbal Space Program 2 and this unannounced game. The listing suggests that this isn’t DLC for Kerbal Space Program, but an entirely different IP.

That said, since the job listings mention both games, it can be surmised that this unannounced game will very close in scope to the Kerbal Space Program series. It will likely involve space, simulation, and strategy elements, with the listing for Senior Environment Artist adding that it wants someone who has a “passion for space exploration, rocketry, worldbuilding, and related entertainment media.” It also wants the artist to work closely with other team members “to translate the game’s visual design language into explorable worlds.”

We’ll just have to see to what extent these bullet points will match this unannounced game, which will with any luck be formally announced not too soon after Kerbal Space Program 2 is released.