the outer worlds ps5 spacer's choice edition refunds

The Outer Worlds PS5 Spacer’s Choice Edition Is So Busted That Players Want Refunds

The Outer Worlds PS5 isn’t off to a good start. The Spacer’s Choice Edition, which is available on all current-gen consoles and PC, is apparently so busted that players are demanding refunds. The game’s performance issues plague all platforms.

Obsidian Entertainment apologized for The Outer Worlds PS5 issues

The Outer Worlds’ subreddit is full of threads complaining about the Spacer’s Choice Edition, with many players demanding refunds. Publisher Private Division‘s support team responded to some ticket submissions, promising players that their complaints have been passed on to the development studio.

Over on Twitter, developer Obsidian Entertainment has been responding to fans, apologizing for the issues.

Speaking of the PS5 specifically, The Outer Worlds suffers from severe stuttering, among a plethora of other serious issues. Using the Performance Mode, the game’s frame rate fluctuates so heavily that the game is almost unplayable.

It’s unclear if Sony or Private Division will offer refunds. We’ll update our readers when a patch is released.