Xbox exclusive games releasing on PS5, PS4

Xbox Community Split Over Exclusive Games Going Multiplatform

After what seems like forever, Microsoft finally confirmed the titles of four former Xbox excusive games headed to the PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Narrative adventure Pentiment (PS5, PS4) will be available today, Hi-Fi Rush (PS5) will release on March 19, Grounded (PS5, PS4) will release on April 16, and finally, Sea of Thieves (PS5) will be available on April 30. Reaction from the Xbox community has been mixed, with many expressing their disappointment at the move.

Players brace for more Xbox exclusive games launching on PS5

A number of prominent Xbox “influencers” and fan accounts bemoaned the move, claiming that the aforementioned games are just the start. They’re of the view that more and more Xbox games will release on rival platforms, leaving them little reason to invest in Microsoft’s hardware. Even those who aren’t Xbox players hold the same view, but see it as a necessary step for Microsoft to increase its revenue and player base.

Some Xbox players say that they don’t mind games going multiplatform as long as it’s reciprocal, while others pointed out that not only is Xbox losing its own exclusives, but a number of large companies are still skipping Xbox versions of their games. Yesterday, Monster Hunter Stories and Gundam Breaker 4 were both announced for all platforms except the Xbox.

Previous rumors suggest that Microsoft has also been toying with the idea of releasing Starfield and Indiana Jones on the PS5, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer declining to rule out the possibility.