Details on Rockstar Pass Coming Soon

L.A. Noire has been the talk of the video game world, garnering widespread critical and now commercial success. Rockstar Games has recently teased that new additional DLC is on the way, as well as the unveiling of a new form of online pass from the company.

In a newswire release from Rockstar, it was teased that new DLC will be shown next week. Included alongside the new DLC will be all the downloads that were previously only available via pre-order at certain retailers. Details on new cases will be given, and something called a “Rockstar Pass” will be detailed. This is named quite similar to other publishers’ online passes such as EA Sports’ Online Pass. Typically, new copies of games are given a voucher to provide access to the program, which enables online play and downloads for enabled titles. Used copies of games will not come with it, and must usually be purchased separately should the player want to take the game online. Is this new Rockstar Pass going to use the same concepts, or will it be something entirely different? Rockstar Games’ titles have yet to utilize such functionality, but keep your browsers pointed to PlayStation LifeStyle for more on this new pass as the story unfolds.