PS3 Gamers Can Pick Off Special Edition of Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Nearly a year after Sniper: Ghost Warrior hit other platforms, developer City Interactive finally has the PlayStation 3’s long-awaited release in its sights. The much-delayed game is now officially slated to ship to retailers on June 28. For quite some time now, lots of release dates had been rumored and kicked around, but now there is actually word straight from the horse’s mouth. Moreover, that GameStop will be carrying an alternate PS3 version called the “One Shot One Kill Limited Edition.”

This limited edition include the DLC for which it is named, the “One Shot One Kill DLC pack,” which lets players have perfect weapon consistency, a steadier scope, and more powerful bullets for 10-second intervals during the game. This power boost is nothing to scoff at, apparently it grants a boost like something straight out of the Game Genie or Gameshark era, making bullets able to penetrate cover thought to be solid, including a whole house.

The $50 pack also tosses in some physical goodies such as production artwork postcards, a poster, a dog tag, and a book called Sniper Stories.

Prospective snipers can take a shot at the game’s official website and a trailer we posted a while back.