Q-Games to Show Three New Titles at E3

If you’re a fan of great PSN games, then Q-Games should be a very recognizable name by now, and the announcement of three new titles being shown at E3 by them is a thrilling surprise.

Q-Games’ most recent release, PixelJunk Shooter 2, was a smash hit, just like nearly every other PSN game they’ve released. Throughout all their releases, one major trait stands out, which is the introduction of innovative game mechanics within familiar genres, resulting in fresh and addicting gameplay. Mix that in with a strong aesthetic appeal in the form of colorful animations and great atmospheric soundtracks, and you have some of the best titles PSN has to offer. Considering the length of time between their releases however, the announcement of three new games able to be shown at one conference is surprising, but promising. The great news comes in the form of a tweet from none other than Dylan Cuthbert, who seems as excited as we are:

E3 coming up… it’s exciting! Three of our games are at the show! That has to be some kind of record for a small company like Q right?

Record or not, we applaud them for it. Of course, until the show we can only speculate on what this may entail. It’s extremely likely that one of the games is PixelJunk Lifelike, which appears to be a visualizer of some sort. With the NGP being sure to have a lot of face time at the show, it would seem like the perfect opportunity for Q-Games to release a NGP version of Pixel Junk Shooter, Monsters, Eden, or Racers. Hopefully we’ll see a combination of games for both NGP and PS3, and Q-Games’ unique flair for introducing fun, simple concepts that are great for all audiences. Stick with us, and find out more next week when we bring you this news and more directly from E3.