Introducing a New PSN Exclusive: Papo & Yo

With the PlayStation Network finally back on its feet, and gamers once again able to download games on the PlayStation Store, we can put the whole nasty business behind us and look to the future. Reminding you why the PSN is still the best downloadable platform around, a new PSN exclusive has been announced: Papo & Yo.

Minority, an independent Canadian developer in has announced its first title, Papo & Yo, exclusively for the PSN. Published by Sony Online Entertainment, the game is developed through a partnership with Sony’s Pub Fund. The story follows a boy named Quico and his new best friend Monster. Unfortunately, Monster has a rather terrible addiction to poisonous frogs, and when he eats the frogs he turns bad, and tries to tear Quico limb from limb.

Players will lead Quico though a vibrant, surreal, 3D adventure, solving puzzles with Monster’s help – players will need to use Monster’s good and bad emotions to their advantage as they search for a cure to save Monster.


Justin Cooney, Senior Account Manager for Developer Relations, Sony Online Entertainment said:

Papo & Yo is a perfect match for the Sony Pub Fund. Our entire game analysis team absolutely loved the title and unanimously declared ‘We want to work with these people.’ The Minority team and its debut title is a representation of the kind of industry innovators we’re looking for, and we’re all very excited to see the final product in action!

Minority will be demoing Papo & Yo at E3 next week LA at the Sony booth, where we’ll be sure to get our hands on the title. To learn more about the game, stay tuned for our exclusive interview that will be published later today can be read here.