Zone of the Enders Returning to the PS3

Zone of the Enders. Those words strike a chord with many a gamer. In fact, it’s been long rumored that Hideo Kojima was working on “something” ZOE related—the question was always: Is it Zone of the Enders 3?. Well Konami just announced something that should make ZOE fans happy; even if it isn’t ZOE 3.

Today, Konami has announced  at their Pre-E3 Press Conference that the iconic, Zone of the Enders series is returning to the PS3 (and 360) — in a HD Collection. ZOE 1 and 2 are being remasterd in full HD 1080P with redrawn menus, art and trophies. In addition a new concept Hideo Kojima had in mind called “Transfarring” which allows you to  essentially have one game save, that is useable on both the PSP, PS3 and presumably the NGP. No portable version of ZOE HD was announced, even though it was alluded to supporting the new technology.

ZOE HD Collection will arrive sometime in 2012.