Dark Souls Release Date Confirmed Via E3 Trailer

The North American and European release date for From Software’s Dark Souls has been revealed. The launch confirmation appeared in the role-playing game’s E3 trailer.

Dark Souls is currently scheduled for a launch on October 4th in North America, which was confirmed via the game’s E3 trailer below. The title’s European publisher, Namco Bandai, confirmed that the game will be released in European territories on October 7th. Additionally, Dark Souls will release in Japan before the title’s western launch on September 15th.

Check out Dark Souls E3 trailer below, which details the game’s main story line:

Referred to as the spiritual successor to one of this generation’s most difficult games, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls will not boast the same difficulty the PlayStation 3 exclusive delivered, with game director Hidetaka Miyazaki stating:

Yes, actually there was a lot [of content] that was too difficult and we had to pull. You may not believe it but there are things that are a bit too spicy, aspects that prevent you from eating (laughs), we’re trying to avoid those.

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