Kojima Productions HD Collection Images and Box Art

June 3, 2011Written by Allen Tyson

Kojima Productions took the spotlight at Konami’s Pre-E3 Press Event held earlier. It was at that event that the announcement was made that a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Silent Hill HD Collection and a Zone of the Enders HD Collection would be arriving on the PS3. Konami didn’t stop there, they’ve also given fans a look at what they can expect in the near future.

Konami has released images that show both, MGS: Peace Walker HD and the MGS Collection for PS3. The images spotlight the level of detail and clarity that will be present when the games make the leap to HD. We’re also treated to early box art for all three titles, with the world renown Yoji Shinkawa’s work heading the MGS HD Collection. And for the Z.O.E fans, the PS3 cover will bring back memories.

MGS HD Collection and MGS: Peace Walker HD both show releases date estimates on Konami’s site—presumably for Japan—for 11/11/2011 with Z.O.E. HD set for sometime in 2012. Enjoy the images below: