NeverDead E3 Trailer Will Dismember You

Konami has published some big name franchises, like Metal Gear and Silent Hill, but is always on the look out for new franchises. Konami has partnered with Rebellion Developments to develop a game that is sure to turn a few heads…and maybe rip off a few.

At Konami’s pre-E3 show, they revealed some new information on NeverDead and a new trailer. Five centuries ago, Bryce Boltzmann and his wife were notorious demon hunters. They attempted to take down the Demon King, but Bryce’s wife gets killed during the fight and he is cursed with immortality, so that he could suffer for all eternity. NeverDead follows Bryce as he slays demons for money and revenge. Since he is immortal, losing body parts isn’t a big deal, and players can reclaim lost limbs by walking, limping, or even rolling over to them. In the most extreme cases, only Bryce’s head is left to roll around the area. Check out the trailer below for all the limb-ripping action.