Sony Apologizes For PSN Outage

When you lose the information of millions of your customers there’s not much you can do other than say sorry, offer some some free stuff and chuck in identity protection. Sony did all that, but now, at the biggest gaming convention of the year, they have taken to the stage and once again said “We’re sorry”.

Jack Tretton took to the stage and asked for forgiveness over the PSN outage and the data breach. After joking with the press, he thanked third party publishers for their support saying “I’m sorry”, “we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for your support”. He then said sorry to retailers, but boasted high sales. Then he talked to consumers: “We want to Apologize for any anxiety we’ve caused you… we are commited more than ever that it’s secure more than ever”.

Do you forgive them? Let us know below.