Stunning Journey Gameplay Released

Thatgamecompany has already created two memorable titles for the PlayStation 3, Flower, and Flow. Their next hit for the PSN, Journey, is set to come out later this year, and with E3 about to start, footage for the game has been released.

The gameplay, which can be viewed below, showcases what Journey is all about. The PlayStation 3 exclusive gives the player a unique experience; you take the role of a mysterious character within a desert, where there are no maps or instructions to aid you. The aim of the game is to travel towards a mountain that can be seen in the distance, and whilst players travel they can meet other plays and pursue their journey together.

Check out the brand new Journey gameplay footage below:

[youtube width=”550″ height=”450″][/youtube]

In Journey, players cannot communicate with each other at all, as the developers have spoken about their desire to limit communication with fellow real life players.

Journey is currently scheduled for a release sometime this Fall.