New Starhawk Trailer Takes to the Skies

In 2010, Incognito Entertainment, developers of Warhawk and Twisted Metal: Black, shut down and its developers went on to create two new video game companies: Eat, Sleep, Play Inc. and LightBox Interactive. With Eat, Sleep, Play busy making the next Twisted Metal game, LightBox Interactive is developing Starhawk.

The trailer is purely cinematic and doesn’t feature any in-game gameplay. With that said, the trailer still manages to highlight some of the gameplay aspects of Starhawk, such as the mech-to-warhawk transformation. The official PlayStation blog had this excerpt about the game:

As you can see, Emmett must navigate through a brutal playground of large-scale combat where the tide of battle turns all the time, whether you’re on land or in the air (YES there will be dogfighting in SPACE!). And with Build & Battle, you have the ability to alter this battlefield how you see fit by calling down base structures, weaponry, or reinforcements with just the touch of a button.

Throughout the solo campaign you’ll discover a lot more about Emmett Graves and his Rift Energy affliction…along with why he has an overwhelming distaste for The Outcast, the band of deadly monstrosities that he must destroy. And what is this “Rift Energy,” anyway? There are plenty of mysteries in the Starhawk universe that are waiting to be discovered. Not to mention lots of stuff to blow up!

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