PlayStation Vita Will be Profitable on Day One

It’s a well known fact that Sony made a substantial loss on every PlayStation 3 sold, costing the company billions as they struggled to keep the price competitive. With the PlayStation Vita remarkably cheap, many wondered if Sony would once again take a hit to stay viable against the strong brands of Nintendo and Apple.

Scott Rhode, VP of SCEA, recently held an interview with GameTrailers to talk about the Vita. In the interview, Rhode was very excited about the product, revealing that they would be profitable – or t least break even – from day one:

I think that we’re going to do very well with this, and this price point – it’s also not going to lose money for us on day one. We’re going to do well with this thing.

Rhode also went on to say that developers are “literally salivating” over what they can do with PlayStation Vita. In fact, it was reported that over 80 titles are in development for PlayStation Vita. Not only is this good news for Sony, but for gamers as PlayStation making money will increase Sony’s investment in the division.