Motorstorm: Apocalypse Officially Canceled in Japan

The third Motorstorm game was delayed in nearly every region in the world due to the devastating earthquakes in Japan this March. While it’s out in most countries, it won’t ever be coming out in Japan.

While Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan cited no official reason for the game’s cancellation, we can all be pretty sure that it is due to the cultural shock of a game focusing around earthquakes. This news comes after many other games have been cancelled or “indefinitely delayed” over the last several months. If you’re in Japan and have a undying love for the Motorstorm franchise however, it certainly is possible to import the game as the PS3 is region free.

This news is definitely unfortunate, but completely understandable. While Japan is still working to rebuild its infrastructure in the zone mainly hit and still struggling with the effects of the nuclear disaster, we still must pay our respects for all those lost.