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Bandai Namco Cancels Japanese Version of Dontnod’s Twin Mirror

Following the game’s delay out of 2019 to an unspecified date in 2020, publisher Bandai Namco has added another curious wrinkle to Twin Mirror’s release schedule. Unfortunately, for some audiences, the new change is far more drastic. Dontnod’s upcoming physiological thriller will no longer launch in Japan, according to a recently released statement from Bandai Namco. At the time of writing, a reason behind the decision has not been provided.

The statement is featured on the “Important Notices” section of the publisher’s Japanese website. To some, it may read as more apologetic and less informative. As noted above, a set reasoning for the cancellation of Twin Mirror’s Japanese version isn’t cited in the statement or noted elsewhere.

The cancellation could be related to the recent delay, as the move from 2019 to 2020 was due to more than creative or technical concerns. Twin Mirror’s delay also came as a result of Dontnod’s partnership with Epic Games and Shibuya Productions, both of which will give the studio additional time to “optimize the gaming experience and capitalize on Twin Mirror’s success potential.”

Moreover, Dontnod’s new partnerships allow the studio to keep Twin Mirror’s property rights, and serve as co-producer. Akin to other Epic Games deals, the Epic Games Store is being granted 12-months exclusivity on PC platforms. Though Bandai Namco will still publish the adventure title, might Dontnod’s recent business-related decisions have had an affect on the publisher’s launching a Japanese version? For now, all anyone can do is speculate on the possibility.

Whenever audiences are finally able to experience Twin Mirror, they’ll do so by assuming the role of investigative journalist Sam Higgins. What appears to be a relatively usual trip back home eventually evolves into something rather unusual. As with most Dontnod titles, players should probably expect the unexpected.

Dontnod’s Twin Mirror will launch on the PlayStation 4, PC (Epic Games Store), and Xbox One sometime in 2020.

[Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment]